As mentioned last week, Dan Wicket over at EWN is whooping much ass in the name of short fiction everywhere. He started claiming he was gonna post one story a day for the entire month of May. Now EWN, the unnofficial headquarters for Short Story Month, has morphed into an avalanche-like showcase for short fiction all over the web. Guest posts have even started cropping up from writers of all stripes and even former Annalemma contributor John McNally.

So, like last week, in an effort to support the cause, I’m posting an old favorite of mine. Miracle by Judy Budnitz is the story of a young white couple who have a black baby. I probably don’t need to lead you into it anymore than that.

p.s. What ever happened to Judy Budnitz? Haven’t heard much from her after Nice Big American Baby. Someone send out a search party.

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