Better Book Cover Design of the Week.


Ha. So looks like ABSPB might have to be a bi-weekly thing seeing that I still haven’t finished any one of the 3 books I first showcased. Looks like I’m not as quick a reader as I thought I was! Heh Heh! Looks like I’m not as smart either! Looks like I bit off more than I can chew! Ha Ha! Looks like I’m a complete failure at everything I do and I fail to finish the things that I start! HA HA HA! Haha, hah, whoo (whiping tear from eye), heh heh, ha… (sigh).

Anyway here’s the cover for Mark Twain’s “Who is Mark Twain?” A collection of unpublished journals, letters and lectures. A beautiful and playful little cover. Though I’m not sure what all that top hat business is about. I don’t remember him being known for that. A head of billowy white hair maybe, but top hat? Maybe Harper Collins saw how much Slash’s memoir was selling so they threw Samual Clemmins on the top hat bandwagon. Or maybe the answer to the titular question is right here.

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