Better Book Cover Design of the Week.

Ever wonder if people survive natural disasters and human atrocities by some simple twist of fate or if they make their own luck? So does Ben Sherwood and he wrote all about it in his Tipping Point-esque new book The Survivors Club.

Futura font will forever be synonymous with Wes Anderson films for me, not necessarily a bad thing. And nothing pops like a nice red background. Well done, nameless Grand Central Publishing art director.

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  1. T to the H says:

    Remember this conversation?

    Setting: A bookstore in Prague.

    You: What are you gonna get?
    Me: I want to get this Haruki Murakami novel, but the cover is awful.
    You: So. Who cares about the book cover?
    Me: I do. I care. Why waste money and precious luggage space on an ugly book when I can buy a more handsome version in the US?
    You: Whatever.

    You’re welcome for the gift I gave you, the gift of book design appreciation.

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