The Gilded Age.


Earlier this morning I saw a comment left by Gary Johansan (one of the guys in the Kluge vid). His mention of the U. of Tampa Book Arts Studio piqued my interest so after a little searching around I found their blog. After further searching I even came across Gary’s blog which included this particularly interesting post about the University of Tampa, formerly the Tampa Bay Hotel and currently the Henry B. Plant Museum.


The 6 acre, quarter mile long, 511 room compound was built in 1891 and was an operational hotel until it closed in 1930. After three years of dormancy the University of Tamps was allowed to set up shop within its doors and used its suites as classrooms and offices.


I’ve driven past this building many times but I had no idea what it was. I’m making a pilgrimage there one day to see if I can conjure any turn-of-the-century ghosts.

There are some very cool things in your back yard if you’re willing to dig around a little.

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