Mountain Home.


Gabbi and Jason blew my mind the other day when they came over to give me a mini pumpkin pie.

Awesome and delicious.
Then a homeless dude busted in my crib and started eating it. Stay away from that shit dude! That’s my pie!
Lea’s been flooding Orlando with these new fixed gear Vans.
Kind of a ridiculous notion, but I will say that the reflective piping looks pretty cool with the flash and my feet feel espescially secure while riding.
Then, like a bullet train, we left to spend time with a rarely seen faction of the family.
Up in the Misty Mountains.
I wasn’t gonna blog about this cause I’m a little uneasy about telling a shit ton of people when I’m not going to be in my house for a long period of time, but Chase already blew my cover. Oh well. I’ve got nothing of value in that house anyway, unless you consider a collection of Nicholas Cage action movies something of value.
It’s so cold and quiet up here I feel like I’m on the moon.
I pretty much school my mom, my aunt and Pattie at Boggle.
Meanwhile the men were hooking up a ginormous TV for my Grandpops.
My cousin, Cam, is an engineer and hooking up a DVD player to a flat screen holds no mysteries for him.
This, however, does not preclude the rest of the menfolk to tell him what he is doing wrong every step of the way.
Pull up a chair for a big steaming bowl of familial dramady. Yum, yum.

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