More Mountains.

montana - go bobcats

Here’s the last of the Montana pics.

montana - army horse
Downtown Boseman.
montana - missle drawing
At lunch Cam illustrated how missiles worked.
montana - chase NL
Chase’s blog headquarters.
montana - controlled burn
When we got back to the mountain we saw that it was on fire.
montana - mountaineers
We stopped to take photos.
montana - mountaneers
I asked Cam if he ever did any professional modeling. He told me only in his younger and more impressionable days.
montana - controlled fire
I thought we were in the middle of a forest fire. Turns out it was just a controlled burn.
montana -
The next day, in order to earn our turkey, we took a hike.
montana - hike
The forest reminded me of E.T. for some reason.
montana - small cliff
Steep areas.
montana - nature berry
A true mover and shaker, my dad was on his Blackberry the whole time.
montana - Ice fall 3

montana - ice fall 2
Ice falls 1.
montana - ice fall
Ice falls 2. I was under the impression that I waterfall couldn’t freeze seeing as it’s moving. Turns out they freeze just like unmoving water and people like to climb up and down them.
montana - brand
Megan holding a brand from my Granpops old ranch.
montana - turkey carve
Chase and I tried a new carving technique this year. I learned it from Alton Brown. You get a lot more meat out of it and you don’t have to shave the thing down to the bone.
montana - christmas
Guess what’s next?
Alright, now I’m tired. Damn tryptophan. Night everybody.

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