mid life travis

Trav and the goils were at my house the week before Halloween.

A Love Dog got booked at Gainesville Fest so we were trying to get it tight all week.
We hadn’t played a show together in two years. Michelle had never sang on stage before.
starecase monster
They left a day before Halloween so we had our own little celebration on Devil’s Night.
trav silly string
I doused T with silly string.
old Michelle
Somehow, this crazy old dude just walked right in my house and started telling all these really inappropriate jokes.
old Trav
Turned out he was a forest demon and started going around biting all of us and infecting us with his crazy.
soap opera star
Josh pretended to be a soap opera star to stave the old demon off.
dead biker
Then the demon morphed into a dead biker.
old J Man
And that was just more than Josh could bear.
coffee talk
The forest demon is neither a forest, nor a demon. Discuss.
“Lapdaaance?! Anybody want a lapdaaaaaaaaance!?”
Costume aftermath. See you dudes and dudettes in G-ville!

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