montana - into the sun

Still in the land of mountains. Wondering if I’l ever leave.

montana - buddy
But we got good friends here, so it’s okay.
montana - jelly stone
We took a road trip to West Jellystone…
montana - bear skin rug
…to what I can only imagine is the most depressing place in the entire park.
montana - polar bear from lost
You said it dude. Polar Bear from Lost in the background, btw.
montana - bear skeleton
It gets weirder.
montana - bears
Trapped grizzlies.
montana - trapped bears
Welcome to the West Yellowstone Bear and Wolf Experience. Bears and wolves that have become too sensitized to humans are collected and kept in captivity here. If they weren’t in this sanctuary they would be put to death.

montana - wolf
Honestly, I don’t know what is worse, death or a cage.
montana - wolves
All I know is that this place is a bummer.
montana - bear trap
Bear trap.
montana - bear trap
Medieval looking bear trap.
montana - big ass crow
The crows here can grow up to three feet in height cause people feed them so much. Technically that might make then ravens.
montana - dead fake bear
Alright, let’s leave this shitty place.
montana -
Meanwhile, back at the homested, Grandpops was listening to his new iPod.
montana - volume!
He didn’t know how to turn it up so he just started screaming, “VOLUME!” Laugh if you want, you’ve done it too.

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