MAKR bag shoot.


Jason came over to my crib cause he wanted to shoot his bags.

MAKR shoot - josh on the roof
And not the bags you’re thinking about.
MAKR shoot - jason on the roof
I’m talking about his testicles.
MAKR shoot - industrial location
Josh was the model, of course.
MAKR shoot
What’s the matter Jason? Am I too much of a man for you? You need a waifish, ladyboy like J Man?
MAKR shoot - sexy man got places to go
Just kidding. J Man’s beard kind of out-man’s us all.
MAKR shoot - sexy man
Sexy man.
MAKR shoot - demonic jason
Sexy man got places to go with his new tote. What kind of secrets you hiding in that tote, sexy man?
MAKR shoot - angelic josh
He’s an angel he is.
MAKR shoot - the shot
And there’s the shot. See? You gotta provoke your subject to get what you need. You’re welcome.

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  1. tim'nAnnette says:

    thank you for risking the provoking. it was worth it to see the sexy man to his thang.

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