bonfire - ryan

Weather is getting unbearably cold in Florida (read: 50 to 60 degrees, almost tropical by Midwest standards), so Jason open the fire pit up for the season.

A beautiful phenomenon that is happening all over town right now.
bonfire - demon
Everyone says they see a demon in the pic.
bonfire - heads
It’s just the top of Ryan’s head. Which is pretty evil in its own right.
Beautiful lighting for beautiful ladies.
bonfire - Leah as romance novel writer
Leah writes romance novels under the name Veronica Beatrice Robishaw and she asked me to take this picture for her book jacket covers.
bonfire - Mucho Gusto hombre
“We must ride again, amigo.”

“But we swore to Padre Rodriguez that we would never ride again.”

“Yes, but my sister has been has been dishonored by the coward Capitan Finch.”

“Then what are we waiting for? Vaminos amigo! Let us ride like the wind!”

bonfire - Jason's buddy
And this is why we don’t turn the flash on at the bonfire.
bonfire - blackshaw's butt
This is also why.

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