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Gallery - sordid

Jason and Gabbi picked me up from my regularly scheduled Sunday afternoon slovenliness at took me to the Rollins Gallery.

Gallery - pisser
Rembrandt made this etching of a dude peeing. He’s holding his dong upside down and backwards, if that makes sense. It was probably fashionable at the time.
Gallery - Rembrant beggersSo tiny.

Gallery - color geniusWe were there to see the Josef Albers exhibit. Apparently he’s a color genius. To me that’s like saying you’re an eating genius.

Gallery - Jason learnin' shit

Gallery - red brick illusionThose bricks are both the same shade of red. Illusion.

Gallery - gabbi and jason learnin' shitJason and Gabbi, learnin’ shit.

Gallery - color

Gallery - bearded ladyThese were pretty cool.

Gallery - sad boxerThis lady did these massive surreal triptychs that were covered in a shiny corvette-like resin.

Gallery - headphone mermaidThose flower stems were made with bomb fuses.

Gallery - triptychsPretty rad, though the giant flowers kind of ruined it for me.

Gallery - jason on the dockI’m really pumped that Jason and Gabbi rescued me from the Sunday Blues.

Gallery - Chase is back
And Chase is back from LA!

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