The Fest pt. 2

gainesville fest - crotch drumming

Jeff starts each morning with a few binding poses. Josh starts off with some feverish crotch drumming.

gainesville fest - haricut
Girls start out in a different way.
gainesville fest - bumper stickers
“What’s that? Would I like a progressive bumper sticker? You bet your ass I would.”
gainesville fest - Alicia and Michelle
Girls through the glass. In case you can’t tell I’m in love with these two.
gainesville fest - $700 bong
If I had $700 to drop on a bong I would have got that dragon for Trav
gainesville fest - free jimmys
Free jimmy hats. Makes a lot of sense in a college town.
gainesville fest - scoot or die
People deal with pre-show jitters differently. I tend to freak out and go blind from hyper-tension. Jeff likes to razor scooter.
gainesville fest - metaphor
We played Sunday. After four days of being overrun by crusties, almost every inch University Ave. looked like this.
gainesville fest - Antarctic
Antarctic. Very talented instrumental dudes (from St. Augustine, I believe) played after us. I don’t have any pics from us playing. They are floating around Myspace somewhere. We’ve got footage, I just have to upload it. It was a crazy show. We practiced all week and all fucked up in some capacity. Doesn’t matter. Was still a fun weekend.
gainesville fest - Jeff and T
“I’m gonna miss you, bro.”
“Not as much as I’m gonna miss you, bro.”
gainesville fest - Mike's 'za
“Not as much I’m gonna enjoy this ‘za, bro.”

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