The Fest pt. 1

gainesville fest - Ben's new whip
Hey Ben. I like your new whip.

gainesville fest - Anne's grill
Hey Anne. I like your new grill.
gainesville fest - bro whip
Hey B. I like your new bus.
gainesville fest - coalesce
Coalesce. They have to be seen to be believed, my friends. Last time I saw them was Michigan fest 2002. They are still lighting people ears on fire.
gainesville fest - coalesce T
And lighting my eyes on fire with their new t’s.
gainesville fest - relaxin'
gainesville fest - maxin'
gainesville fest - hippyville
When did G-ville become such a hippy town?
gainesville fest - J Man is home

gainesville fest - Nathan, Jeff and Dan

gainesville fest - Mike preparing
Mike getting ready to rock. Hey dude, can I just play something real quick?
gainesville fest - Rock
gainesville fest - good looking person
At the Able Baker Fox show I kind of fell into photo happy mode and started asking interesting looking folks if I could take their pics. I like this dude a lot. I feel like he’d be happy to take me surfing tomorrow.
gainesville fest - Able Baker Fox
gainesville fest - good looking person
Interesting looking person #2. I feel like this person knows a lot about engineering and used to huff a ton of glue back in high school.
gainesville fest - Able Baker Fox
Dude on the left in the blue T was feeling it. It was hard not to. Dudes rip! And they were LOUD.
gainesville fest - Leeshi and Meechi
This is one of about a thousand photos I took of Michi and Lishi.
gainesville fest - Jeff & T, bff's
Jeff is trying to play cool like he can lift Trav no problem, but look how red his face is.
gainesville fest - OG boys
I think these dudes have known each other from birth.

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