Worser Book Cover Design of the Week.


Steve Harvey can best be described as “whatever” boarding on “unfunny and annoying” and I don’t really know what kind of self-help bullshit he’s peddling with this book, but I chose this cover to bring up the issue of people putting themselves on their own book covers. Generally you’ll find this concept is usually practiced in nonfiction. I’m not sure if a fiction author has ever done it, but I’d love to meet the guy or gal who has the balls or ovaries to do it. I don’t know why but I easily see one of those grocery store/airport authors like Grisham or Stephen King to be the ones to do it.

Anyway, this is a practice mostly held by TV or Movie personalities to help sell books. But there’s a thread of commonality that I’ve noticed in it: Douchebags put themselves on the covers of their own books. Lots of conservative pundits serve as examples:




But the douchebaggery doesn’t reserve itself to the right. Many left leaning d-bags get in on the fun too:



Of course there are exceptions to the rule:


But by and large if you put yourself on your book cover you are an egotistical asshole who cares more about selling a book more than anything contained therein.

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  1. T to the H says:

    I believe Jonathan Lethem appears on the cover of the hardback edition of You Don’t Love Me Yet. I agree with you. It’s weird. Also, Paul Auster appears on the spine of The New York Trilogy. Granted, it is a drawing by Art Spiegelman; so I’m not sure if it counts. Either way, I can’t help but dig when graphic artists delve into book design.

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