Call for Essays.


Not sure if anyone who reads this blog is the same type of person who submits to the magazine. Regardless, figured I’d give this a shot anyway.


If you or anyone you know is in possession of any kind of CNF (essays, memoir, interviews) that you’re willing to have published send it ASAP to chris@annalemma.net.

The submissions department is currently drowning in short stories and we need some nonfiction to balance it out. Tell your story people! Your real story. It’s not hard. You’re already doing it. You’re just changing the names and calling it fiction. Keep them names in there! Dish about that time you and your cousin ot stuck in the UN and ended up as Chancellors to Belgium and subsequently caused an international incident when it was learned you only knew how to say, “Where is the H&M?” in German.

Let’s be honest. Your family was going to disown you at some point anyway. May as well make it happen on your terms.  Click here for more details.

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