Howard the Duck.

Holy Shit. Hulu just recently posted Howard the Duck. Howard the fucking Duck. The entire movie. For your viewing pleasure. For free.

When this movie first came out I wasn’t allowed to watch it due to all the gratuitous sex in it (still got a PG rating somehow). But I’ve been intrigued by it ever since. Why? Not sure, maybe just cause the simple look of the Howard character is so creepy, borderline nightmarish, and I wanted to see how if the filmmakers got away with making him endearing. It’s really hard to find on DVD and if you want the VHS you have to search around eBay. So I was really psyched when I saw it posted up there.

But then I watched it. Wow. I wish my parents had let me watch this movie when I was five as it’s probably the only age where I would have enjoyed the shit out it. Honestly, the script sounds like it was written by a smart-ass middle schooler. The puns, the corny one-liners, the space aliens, the rockin’ guitar solos, and let’s not forget the gratuitous sex that barred me from seeing it in the first place. It was filled to the brim with all of that and more.

Things I can’t believe:

That this movie got past a pitch meeting, much less got made. That George Lucas produced it. That I watched the whole thing start to finish. And I loved it.

While you may not enjoy subjecting yourself to shitty movies as much as I do, you owe it to yourself to see this film. If only to say that you have. Plus it’s the holidays, you’ve got nothing to do tomorrow so pop some popcorn and get read for a quack-tastic time.

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