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Monday, February 23rd

Another Brother.


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Wednesday, February 18th

Young Bro Show Number Toe.

Everybody who’s anybody in Orlando is going to be at this show tomorrow night. You really wanna fake your way through that conversation the next day?

“Man, wasn’t it awesome when Alberto did 100 consecutive guitar windmills?” everyone will ask you.

“Um, yeah, pretty awesome,” you’ll reply.

“How about when Josh did that solo that was so potent it got a girl pregnant?”

“Yeah, uh, wow, it was all pretty amazing.”

After everyone stares at you for what feels like forever, they will say, “You weren’t there, were you?”

“No man! I was there. I liked the, um, the glockenspiel parts.”

“Get out of my car.”

Wednesday, February 11th

Annalemma presents Stories and Songs.

We’re having a party at the end of the month to celebrate the release of issue #4. Everything you need to know is listed above. We’re gonna try to turn this into a monthly event if people like it. Do I even need to ask you to come out? I think we both know the answer to that question.

Tuesday, January 27th

The Brothers Young.

“You guys have a great show tonight.”

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Friday, January 23rd

Young Brother.

If you’re in O-town tomorrow come and see this show. I’m playing bass in Josh, Jeff and Alberto’s band. We are called Young Brother because the band used to be called Galleries, but Josh thought that name was whack so we agreed on something less pussified. I’m not saying you’ll regret missing this show, I’m just saying if I don’t see you there you might live to regret it. Not a threat. Just a promise.

Monday, January 5th


I bought that Arcade Fire tour doc over the weekend. I love that Neon Bible album and they got a shit ton of footage of them recording it, which was cool to see. Go here to buy it digitally or wait a few months for it to come out on some weird format called a Dee-Vay-Dee. Am I pronouncing that right?

Wednesday, December 17th

The Forking.

Dear friend, Cara, has been working on some art for this Mexico City musician Natalia Lafourcade for the past few months now. She sent me Lafourcade’s new jam and I loved it (though I’m not sure if I can post it here seeing as the album isn’t out yet and I don’t want to get my friend in trouble with Sony). Check out this jam that appears to be part of some sound track to a Mexican indie film:

UPDATE: Video removed, click here.

This one’s pretty fun too:

UPDATE: Video removed (wtf?), click here.

She apparently started out doing nueva bossa nova type stuff, her new stuff sounds different though. Check out La 4 Estaciones del Amor (The 4 Seasons of Love), an instrumental EP. Very good, uplifting and, at times, sweetly sad stuff. Also, according to wiki, her name is French and means “the forking”, in reference to a road. If I were a music writer I’d point out how symbolic her name is in regard to her shifting musical styles. But I’m not. So I won’t.

Friday, December 12th


Got to chatting with a friend from the old days, Josh Johnson, this afternoon and he opened my eyes to all the deliciously decadent things happening to the beautiful young’ns in La La Land. Check out this music blog/band/zine and get motivated to do something with your life.

Monday, November 24th

Lovely Dogs.

Jeff got around to posting that Love Dog show that I was telling you about on YouberTuber. There’s the whole set is here. There’s about seven jams total, though I think the adrift was the best. Anybody know how to embed this YouTube stuff? I’m clueless.

Thursday, November 13th

The Fest pt. 2

gainesville fest - crotch drumming

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