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Friday, February 19th

Doggin’ It.


I had to run laps in gym class pretty frequently. I’d get bored and not really care about finishing the number of laps coach had assigned and I’d just kind of turky-trot around the gym, just to see if I could wait coach out, see if he’d tell me to quit before I’d fulfilled my commitment. It never worked, he’d always call me out.

“You’re doggin’ it, Heavener! Quit doggin’ it!” His term for doing something half-assed.

I’m kinda doggin’ it on the site today. My mind is elsewhere. We’re putting together the print issue and my wheels took a shit so it’s been a mad dash to get anything done in a timely manner.

I promise to use my whole ass next week.

Thursday, January 28th

RIP JD Salinger.



Take a second to read this (or anything else he wrote) at some point today. Hyperbole is impossible when mentioning the influence he had on an entire generation, not just of writers, but of human beings. He is the example of how stories can change the world.

Wednesday, October 7th



A customer recently alerted us to some shenanigans that the US Postal Service has been up to. If this has happened to your shipment please email us with pictures of the flagrancy and we will do what we can to make it right.


This makes me equal parts furious and sad.

Thursday, September 24th

Worser Book Cover Design of the Week: Glenn Beck Edition

Okay, so it’s pretty much a given that Satan is keeping a Choke Pear nice and glowing-hot for when Glenn Beck gets to Hell, but not for the reasons you’re thinking. Sure, whipping Fox News audiences into a fever storm of right wing fury that further polarizes our already fragile union (and making a shit ton of cash doing it) and refusing to take responsibility for his actions when it comes back to bite him in the ass, claiming it’s all entertainment and all in good fun, may seem like a damnable offense of the first degree. But what’s really earning him a red-hot goosing is his shitty book cover design.


What the fuck? You couldn’t get a real apple pie? Don’t you have art directors and production designers that cater to your every shitty whim? Couldn’t they at least make an apple pie out of resin and fiberglass or something? You of all people should know about things that may look nice on the outside but are actually filled with toxic chemicals. Instead of spending a few hundred dollars on production design you decided to stand there with your hands empty, mugging at the camera like an idiot. Then again, this is something you’re used to.

Wednesday, July 15th

RIP Dash Snow.


Love him or hate him, he was an interesting person:


Epicly Laterd

Tiny Vices

NY Magazine

Friday, November 28th


montana - into the sun

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