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Tuesday, June 1st



Books and film rarely give skateboarding the treatment it deserves. Sometimes the activity becomes inconsequential. Other times it’s treated with laughable sincerity. Corey Adam’s first feature film Machotaildrop seems to deliver the most appropriate image of skating: fun, slightly scary, and full of the potential to change your life. Adams’s short, Harvey Spannos, (which scored the funding for MTD) serves as a reserved precursor to the whimsical fever dream of his first feature. Can’t wait to see this one.

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An interview with Adams at Fecal Face.

Tuesday, February 2nd

Karin Driejer Andersson.

I may or may not be late to this party, but ever since I saw this video last week I’ve become obsessed with Karin Driejer Andersson:

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How come writers don’t do shit like this?


Is it because pop music and performance art is all about getting as far away from being human as possible and writing is about getting to the core of being human? Is it because writers are trying to stimulate your brains and not your eyes?


Maybe that’s not true though, the stuff about performance artists moving away from being human. I see Driejer Andersson going so other-worldly that she circles back around, getting closer to a more primitive and spiritual part of being a human.


Nevertheless, what’s her counterpart in the writing world? Only person I can think of is JT LeRoy. Or possibly Tim Jones-Yelvington.

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Favorite tracks:

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…and this (dicks won’t let me embed).