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Thursday, April 21st

Susan Hope Lanier.


This week‘s image contributor Susan Hope Lanier submitted so many good images for publication that I wanted to show the outtakes here. They’re from a series of her friends and family members dressed as these beautifully rendered characters from a story unknown to the viewer UPDATE: These images are actually self portraits of Susan dressed up as different family members. These are the best kinds of photos: the ones suggesting a full story you get to fill in the blanks in your head.




Thanks Susan!

Monday, November 2nd

Literary Costume Contest.


Literary costumes are weird. Unless you hang out with a dedicated book crowd, chances are you’re going to be standing in the corner by yourself at the party, occasionally launching into 5 min+ speech explaining your costume to the sexy maid who was unfortunate enough to ask.

But maybe I’m wrong. Send pics of your literary costume I’ll post them and we’ll let the internet decide if they were effectively scary/funny. Best costume gets a free copy of Annalemma Issue Five!

Pic: The Inkwell

Tuesday, September 1st



Dear friend and issue five contributor Bryan “Bear” Soderlind recently uploaded a cache of photo gold. He exhaustively covered the 32nd Annual Orlando Gala. For decades it has been considered the social event of the season not because everyone dresses their best and looks fantastic, but because of all the scandalicious activities that take place there.

Check out the facebook album.

Speaking of facebooks, don’t forget to add yourself to the Annalema page while you’re there!

Monday, August 10th



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Friday, July 24th

Stephen Berkman.


I don’t know much about Stephen Berkman, except that his other-worldly images have the power to make you smile with inspiration and freak the hell out of you at the same time.

Most interesting is how he gathers heavily from the late 1800’s to create a vibe of surreal whimsey, particularly his use of old-timey ambrotype technology (positive image burned on to a sheet of glass, as opposed to daguerreotype, in which the image is exposed to polished silver). I couldn’t decide on which image I liked the best, so I just included all my favs. Here’s to a delightfully nightmarish weekend!



Tuesday, July 21st

Jennifer O’Malley.


Dear friend and fashion guru Jen O’Malley unveiled a new bunch of headbands this week. Dunno of she’s selling them yet (UPDATE: She is!) but if you’ve got a special lady in your life this would make a pretty sweet gift. And if you are a special lady you might wanna get your hands on one before one shows up on the noggin of Bat for Lashes or Joanna Newsome and by then you’re behind the fashion curve. Which is undoubtedly a fate worse than death.

Friday, March 13th

Sarah Applebaum.


A lot of ladies are into quilting these days, but none of them have taken the craft to such surreal and extravagant heights as California artist Sarah Moli Newton Applebaum.

Things have been slow over at Annalemma for the past couple of weeks. I’m going to upload some new shizz in the next few weeks.

Thursday, January 1st

Happy New Year!


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Saturday, December 27th

Howard the Duck.

Holy Shit. Hulu just recently posted Howard the Duck. Howard the fucking Duck. The entire movie. For your viewing pleasure. For free.

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Thursday, November 20th


Cara got on the ichat after months of unintentional radio silencio. She gave me a virtual studio tour and showed me her mask collection:

Hey! It’sa da Pope!

She freaking made these. Out of what, I’m not sure. All I know is I’m impressed. And jealous.

End of virtual studio tour. Keep in touch stranger. See you at Art Basel.